Is your Japanese Maple a Cousin It?

Feng Shui Baby--Light, cool and floating above the ground!

Feng Shui Baby–Light, cool and floating above the ground!

Cousin It--laying on the ground

Cousin It–laying on the ground

Many Japanese Maples look like Cousin It from the Addam’s Family.  They should not!  Each Japanese Maple should be pruned to represent its own combination of light and  grace.  On the practical side–if the maple drags on the ground the insects and parasites have a easier way to get to the plant.  So take your Japanese Maple from Cousin It to Feng Shui (for those who know us well at Scott Shablin Landscaping, Scott has not now, nor will he ever use Feng Shui in a sentence.) Artist, yes. Trendy, no.

Keep on thinking of ways we can help you have better designs for a better environment!

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